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The course has been really fantastic, learnt a lot. Really liked the style of teaching and would definitely recommend the course to others. It was great being able to discuss issues in relaxed environment with other people going through the same. Made you feel better that you're not the only ones with such fears or specific concerns or questions. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you soon"   (feedback from Gemma, NCT client)


"My husband and I found the 1:1 antenatal session with Zana invaluable.  We're soon to be 2nd time parents and, having had a 3 year gap since our daughter was born we had totally forgotten everything that happened first time round!  The 2 hour antenatal tailored session meant that we could cover off all the things we were anxious about and we now feel much more ready for, and excited about what is to come.  I would recommend a session to any parents-to-be. Thanks a million again."


"Course has been very useful and has definitely made me feel more relaxed about labour and giving birth.  A lot of useful information."  (pregnant mum)


"Many thanks.  I'd still be scared without you :-) "  (pregnant mum)


"Really enjoyed the sessions. Great to meet everyone and I've learnt LOADS. Thank you." (pregnant mum)


"Very full on but really interesting - I don't know where Zana got her energy!  Lots of input and lots of interesting and varied ways of getting info across. I liked the visual activities and ones where we got to move around." (pregnant mum)


"Informative, friendly, social environment. all these gave a nice feeling to the classes." (dad-to-be)


"Really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Easy to ask questions or express opinions."  (pregnant mum)


"The course was very helpful - couldn't have done without it. Not panicking any more!" (dad-to-be)


"Thanks for allowing us to shape the course according to our needs.  Gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence.  Thank you."  (pregnant mum)

A birth story and testimonial from a dad who attended Zana's NCT classes. David and Claire say that their NCT classes helped them to feel assertive at the end of Claire's pregnancy and set them up for coping well during labour. Despite their first choice of birth place being unavailable, Claire laboured in water in hospital, felt well cared for, and had a calm and empowering birth experience. Click the button for David's story of the birth of his and Claire's son, Oliver.

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a lovely little boy (7lb 9.5oz) at home in the birth pool as planned on the 2nd Jan. We have named him Robert. Everything went really well and I felt in control and relaxed the whole time. I think the hypnobirthing  really helped and Matt went through one of the scripts a couple of times to help me but for the most part I wanted to be quiet on my own with him just there. It was a really great birth and was exactly what I wanted (although it could have been a little shorter!).  Thanks for helping us to prepare for this really special time.   Carys & Matt

Birth Story; Claire, David & Oliver

Joseph arived last Friday night and is the most beautiful little boy-we're shattered but really happy! As I was diagnosed with Pre- Eclampsia, I ended up being induced. There were some complcations for me after the birth, but the experience of bringing little Joe into the world was amazing: utterly empowering. Labour was short (after 60 hours last time) and I ony used gas and air. James was amazing and we were supported by a very pro-hypnobirthing midwife. The music and relaxation totally got me through it and is probably largely the reason why Joe's arrival caught everyone off-guard. Even the midwife apologised that she didn't think I was anywhere near giving birth! I wasn't sure how much you'd want to know but I wanted to say that we are both incredibly thankful we did the Natal Hypnotherapy course with you. It gave us the experience we'd longed for and a lot of ghosts have been laid to rest.   Helen

"I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for the great Natal Hypnotherapy course you taught! We came away from the day feeling really confident and positive about using the NH techniques in the home birth we were planning. But still, it's so hard to know if something will really 'work' for you until you actually have to put it into action in the moment. Well, our daughter arrived a bit earlier than we'd expected at 37 weeks and 5 days and she was born at home on our bedroom floor just like we'd hoped she would be. I listened to the Relaxing Birth Music throughout most of my labour and used lots of the NH techniques to help me manage any pain or intensity that I felt, including just repeating "3,2,1 Relax" to myself and some of my positive birth affirmations, as well as turning down the pain dial. The pushing bit was hard work (and lasted nearly 4 hours!), but I really can't say I felt much 'pain', it was more just intensity and power. The first stage was pretty easy for me though. I was already fully dilated when the midwives even arrived to check me because I just felt like I was managing well and didn't need to call them. I really think Natal Hypnotherapy played a big part in why our birth was so positive and empowering. So I wanted to say thank you for helping us along our way on this journey."    Karen & Tim (& Josie!)

(Feedback from hypnobirthing course) Zana has gone out of her way to be kind and helpful, beyond the call of duty. She is knowledgeable and confident in her presenting style which is reassuring.   Lauren

Thank you Zana for all your help, advice and support. We managed to have the home birth we wanted and the breathing worked well! It's been an amazing journey and we are enjoying being parents. (NCT clients)

I want to thank you for the time you have given me, personally and via the relaxation group. I am in awe of how you make everyone feel comfortable and able to speak in a room full of strangers, of the time you take to make sure they are comfortable physically and emotionally and of your ability to listen and respond with what is kind yet honest and useful to be heard by that person… not to mention doing it in a room full of people with utterly different perspectives!! Maternity advice is otherwise too full of standard advice and statistics and warnings!


It is wonderful to know that there are people like yourself (and Barbara too) that are prepared to work so hard. To use their talents to help people learn skills for pregnancy (and life!). To be well informed and balanced in the advice offered. To spread the word and offer something beyond the simple choices presented by the NHS. To treat everyone as an individual and give them the confidence to make and be content with their choices and overcome their fears. To simply be welcoming and make pregnancy and birth so positive and exciting and not full of pressures. So different from what is ‘normal’ for the society we seem to live in, leaving us all in a much better mental and physical place for the fourth trimester and family life beyond. You do all of this and so much more and I consider myself lucky to have met you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.   Helen