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Zana can provide one-to-one private antenatal classes, tailored to your needs, in your home, her home, or in another convenient venue. During lockdown or self-isolation due to the new Coronavirus, Zana is offering courses online via Zoom. 


NEW - For pregnant women, 1 hour focus meeting online to talk through and help you manage anxiety



One-to-one private antenatal classes often suit clients who feel they don't need a full antenatal course, or who can't find an antenatal course that fits their requirements, or who find it easier to learn and explore their personal issues in a more private setting.


Prior to your private antenatal class you'll chat with Zana on the phone or via email so she can find out what you would like to get from your class. For example, you might like to focus on coping with pain, finding out more about stages of labour, or practising coping with contractions using positions, breathing and relaxation. We can look at the pros and cons of epidurals or what happens during a caesarean. You might prefer to focus on looking after a new baby. Or we could just work through a list of your questions! The choice is yours.

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Private Antenatal Classes, either online or in person if we can do so Covid-safely

Same dedicated time, same expertise, same professionalism

Bespoke 1-1 antenatal classes, tailored to your needs

Izabela contacted Zana a few days before her due date. She was feeling upset and worried about how medically managed her birth might become - a far cry from her originally planned waterbirth at home. She'd been told she "must" labour on labour ward due to a few medical issues. She felt she wasn't being listened to and was becoming increasingly fearful. She didn't want her 2nd birth to end up like her first with lots of intervention and feeling out of control. Click here to read Izabela's amazing birth story!

Izabela wanted to share her story after booking a 2-hour private antenatal class....

Whilst your private antenatal class will be tailored to your needs, please note that Zana does not give personal medical advice. If you have specific medical needs please speak to your midwife or dotor. Zana can discuss the pros and cons of various scenarios or recommendations and help you explore your birth preferences and your rights, with a focus on what you can do rather than what you can't, taking into account your individual situation.

If you would like to plan a 1-1 private antenatal class to suit you and your birth partner please get in touch via the "Contact Me" page.



The cost of your private antenatal class include a comprehensive information pack of printed material and an initial short consultation by phone or email to tailor the sessions to your needs. Pregnant women can attend alone or with their birth partner.


2 hours: £69

3 hours: £89

4 hours: £118

If you would prefer to meet twice, say for two hours, the cost would be 2 x £69.


NEW! 1-hour online focus meeting for pregnant women to talk through and manage anxiety: £40 

This is intended as a 1-off appointment to help you if you're struggling with additional worry/anxiety due to the current Coronavirus situation and its impact on you and your family. Info pack not included with these sessions.)


Travel within 5 miles from Zana's home address (near Totton, Hampshire) is included. Travel further than 5 miles each way will incur an extra charge at the government rate of 45p per mile. You will have the option to attend the class at Zana's home if you find that more convenient. If you prefer to meet at a neutral venue which has a hire charge, this cost will be payable by you.


Please note, these are not hypnobirthing sessions. If you would like private 1-1 hypnobirthing classes please see the WOW! Hypnobirthing pages for more information along with the Course Dates & Prices page. If you and a pregnant friend and birth partners would like a private hypnobirthing antenatal course in one of your homes, we can offer a generous discount per couple on the private 1-1 day rate. Please enquire.