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About Us

We'd like to reassure you that if you're thinking of investing your trust, time and money with us, that you are in safe, reliable hands. We have dedicated the last 40+ years between us working hard to help women and their partners feel better about birth. We aim to help you banish anxiety and embrace confidence.


Antenatal classes are big business these days and the choice out there can be quite bewildering! We have a number of beliefs that inform and guide our work with you...

  • We think it's important that what you learn at an antenatal course is presented well and backed up by up-to-date evidence and experience

  • We believe that women and their partners should have access to the right care and birth experience for them and that they are capable of making their own decisions about that

  • We believe that positive birth doesn't necessarily equate with "natural" birth, so we work with women and their partners who are planning caesareans or other more medicalised births too

  • We believe on focusing on what you can do, not what you can't

  • We believe that education and providing information are completely different things. Lots of classes provide information. With antenatal education, we aim to tailor what we do to suit your particular needs, concerns and personality. We want you to consider, practise, grow, feel, explore. We want you to feel knowledgeable, but also to link mind and body.

  • Labour is an intensely emotional and physical journey; knowledge and thinking alone isn't enough. We want to help you learn and to link mind and body, so you are much better prepared for a positive birth.


In years gone by there were "wise old women" who shared their many years of acquired skills and knowledge, passing it down for the benefit of following generations. We are delighted to share what we know with you, to help you make plans, to practise, to make decsions that are right for you, to empower you, to link your mind and body, and to help you feel better about birth.


If you would like more detail about us, please read on!


Zana and Barbara became friends over 20 years ago, when our paths crossed through our antenatal education work and we realised we shared a passion for making birth better.


Since having our own children (Barbara has two daughters, Zana has a son and a daughter - all now adults) we have had a passion to make birth better for all women and their partners. Having a strong sense of professional integrity, we each felt a need to channel our enthusiasm and back it up with in-depth knowledge, robust training and qualifications. This led us to independently embark on a DipHE (Level 5) course specifically in Antenatal Education, each qualifying around 20 years ago. Since then we have attended numerous study days, courses and events to ensure that our knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and relevant. We both have our certificate in Hypnosis for Childbirth (hypnobirthing) from a course validated by the Royal College of Midwives. As if that wasn't enough, Barbara also gained a degree in midwifery and became a practising midwife. In addition, she is now a qualified registered hypnotherapist, helping clients overcome all sorts of fears, phobias and habits. Meanwhile, Zana decided that counselling qualifications would enhance her work with new parents, so after 3 years' study she is a qualified and accredited counsellor, specialising in issues arising from pregnancy, birth and parenting, including postnatal depression and birth trauma.


Now, Zana and Barbara have taken their combined 40+ years of experience, acquired skills and knowledge from working with thousands of new parents, along with their additional expertise, to bring you Birthing with Confidence, where you can choose from a range of antenatal courses and classes or private therapy.


We're not the youngest out there, we're certainly not the coolest, but like the "Wise Old Women" of times gone by, we will share our many years of birth wisdom, experience and professionalism to help you banish anxiety and embrace confidence.

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Barbara Wyant on the left

Zana Parker on the right